Monday, December 10, 2012

Kindergarten Cardboard Fish, Owls and Turtles

Kindergarten- Cardboard Fish and Owls...and Turtles!

This lesson was borrowed from Deep Space Sparkle. We prepared the pieces of cardboard by using tempera, forks, and sponges. One class did plain colored backgrounds and scraped designs in the wet paint using forks. Another class painted with 2 colors and then sponged in a 3rd color. The last class painted stripes and then stamped designs using circle shaped sponges. I had a 3 day weekend where I cut the shapes. Ugh...After about 20 each of the fish and owl shapes, I decided a new shape was in order so I did ovals for turtles. I also cut several triangles, circles, ovals and rhombuses from all the scraps. They chose their pieces from bins I had organized for each shape. While they were busy wrapping their animal body, I ran around with a glue gun. The glue sticks just wouldn't hold. If they still had time, I had them use oil pastels to add details. Putting up the masterpieces was a challenge. We have bulletin boards but staples couldn't hold the cardboard. I resorted to push pins. Most held but I had to do some mending and re-pinning. The teachers just loved these.


  1. Thank. The kids really had fun painting and choosing pieces to put together.

  2. These have worked out beautifully. I tried this but spent the entire time ( it felt) cutting out the shapes because the card was too thick for the children to manage. Your background colour is a great choice.

  3. The end results outweighed all the time it took cutting. I had so many comments from the teachers in my building. I just put on a video and started in. Most of the triangle scraps were reusable without recutting.