Monday, December 10, 2012

Grade 1 Torn Paper Owls

1st Grade- Torn Paper Owls

The original inspiration for this lesson came from Mrs. Brown's site. The tutorial for drawing an owl was from here.

The lesson went as follows:
Day 1- each child drew an owl with guided instruction on white paper
Day 2- Glue torn paper on owl
Day 3- Cut out circles for eyes. Added feet and log. (I hot glued it after they made the pieces)

We added googly eyes and layered cut tan circles on top of black circles for the eyes. While doing the aftercare program one afternoon, one of my students decided she wanted to add a paper log and pipe cleaner feet. I had her share her ideas with her class. They were all excited to add it to theirs as well. I added their names in gold marker.

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  1. Love the owls! K's criters are cute too! OMG can't imagine how long it took to cut out ALL those shapes!!! :)